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Nosy Neighbor - Too much man flesh edition

One of our neighbors next door has a hottub, and a few weeks after we moved in they put up a privacy fence so we can't see them in the hottub (unless we look from our 2nd floor). We don't really care and understand. There's no fence between our properties. No big deal.

Even though we paid for central air conditioning, it still isn't installed yet. This week has been the hottest week so far all year. Tonight we decided to really cool off the place and at night the temperature is in the cool 60's; and opened a bunch of windows. One of them happens to face the neighbors house.

Lucky for them, when I sit in our lazy boy chair, it is a perfect line of sight thru the window to their back porch and living room.

About 30 minutes ago the wife was staring at me thru the window for a few minutes. Then about 15 minutes ago the 60ish husband stared for a while too.

Scott commented that since i'm just in my underwear, and with the angle of the chair, they probably can't see that i'm wearing underwear at all. I just have my laptop on my belly.

What the neighbor needs to do is call our contractor and complain that they really need to get our air conditioning installed, then we won't have the windows wide open.

Until then, enjoy the show!
Working too hard

Dear Telemarketer who calls me at work

1. We do not have any business with you.
2. You have called over 10 times in the last 2 weeks leaving voicemail.
3. The voicemail you leave only states your name and phone number. Never a reason why you called.
4. With no reason why you called, there is no reason for me to call you back.
5. Please stop calling.
Face 2005

Day 4 - Still no power at home

Luckily we stayed at Scott's sisters house last night.  We stopped in at the condo yesterday and the six fish in the fish tank are dead, so sad but they lasted longer than we ever expected. 

There is a downed power line about 1000 feet from the condo, and within a mile there are several telephone poles that are snapped at the base that need to be repaired.  Hopefully they will fix them today, but since we are in a primarily residential area we are probably last on the list.  I don't think the power company will energize the lines until all of the poles are 100% repaired.

Friday night we found a hotel down in Ipswich, MA that had one room left.  It was nice to be able to take a shower, and it was nice to 'get away' and just spend time together.

Saturday night we decided to rough it at the condo.  We both wore clothes and sweaters to bed, but it was still cold. 

Hopefully tonight we will have power.  Our gym in town has power, so at least we can workout and shower at the gym if we have to.  The temperature is supposed to be in the 60's today so we should be able to have an easier time at home, as opposed to 20 degrees outside on Saturday night.
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New Hampshire Ice Storm - Can't Get There From Here

New Hampshire Ice Storm - Can't Get There From Here

Last night it started to get icy, and I guess around 2:30AM the power went out. I slept until my normal 6:15AM and the alarm on my phone woke me up. Not only was the power out, but the phones were out too. My G1 on T-Mobile didn't have any service, but my AT&T phone from work did have service.

I had a feeling it would be a bad commute but decided to go in. I called my work and the auto attendant picked up so I knew we had at least basic power (we have a generator at work). I called my boss and told him I might be late.

The hot water wasn't very hot due to the hot water heater being off for 5 hours, so I didn't take a shower this morning. I just washed my face and brushed my teeth and got dressed.

My car had a little ice on it but a lot of it melted because it was raining.

I travel north to work on backroads, and there were tree limbs all over the road but the first part of my commute it was already cleared. There were still some spots where trees were down but were only blocking half the road so the crews must have skipped those for now to make the roads at least passable by 1 lane.

I come to a 4 way intersection where I normally take a left and not only was the left turn blocked, but going straight ahead was blocked too!

I turned around and decided to try an alternate route. A half mile later that was also blocked.

I backtracked down another road and was blocked again. This spot is where I took this picture. It's quite pretty looking with all the ice, but it sucks balls trying to get to work.

I tried one more altnerate and I was blocked again, then decided just go east towards the coast where I could catch I-95. Finally I was able to find some passable roads and my normal 30 minutes commute took an hour and a half.

The main power in our building is out, but we have a robust generator so at least the computer/server area where I sit has power.
New Hampshire Ice Storm - Can't Get There From Here

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Trees Trees Trees, where am I?

My new commute is very rural on 2 lane winding roads with lots of trees everywhere. I notice now that while i'm driving and listening to the radio, i'm not really paying attention exactly how far i've traveled. Once i'm in an area with only trees it's difficult to tell exactly where you are. I have to look at the clock to see how long i've been driving, and then I know where I am. Very different than my last commute where there were buildings everywhere and it was obvious where you were at any given point.

It's sort of similiar when I was taking the T to commute to college in Boston, my mind would wander and I wouldn't remember how far i've traveled until we entered the next station.

Speaking of driving, we were driving back on Sunday night from a Powerlifting event in York, PA and on the Pennsylvania Turnpike there was a horrible traffic accident where one car was flipped over in the right lane. We were stopped in traffic behind the accident for about 15 minutes, and the left lane was still open to let traffic by. As we passed the accident scene there was glass shattered everywhere and the car was still flipped over with a white sheet covering the car so you couldn't see in. Apparently two college students were killed in the accident. The area of the turnpike was 2 lanes each way, and it was slightly winding. I could see how someone could get into an accident if they were going too fast and not able to manage the turn. There was a SUV just beyond the accident which looked like its driver side mirror was torn off. According to the article the car flipped and then another car hit the flipped car.

There were no other traffic incidents on the way home and we finally made it back to New Hampshire at 1:30 in the morning. I was so tired from a lack of sleep yesterday that I went to bed at 8PM and slept 10 hours. I'm fully refreshed today!
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Carne Asada Fries, in Maine!

Scott and I went to the Kittery Outlets in Maine yesterday to buy some clothes, and one of Scott's friends recommended we eat at Loco Coco's.

We found the place easily and I was looking at the menu while Scott was in the bathroom. Luckily Scott took a while because eventually I saw on their menu "California Fries". I instantly thought to myself, could this possibly be their version of Carne Asada Fries that I loved when I visited San Diego?

I read the ingredients and it definitely was the real deal! I was so excited! I ordered a Chicken Burrito and an order of California Fries.

The massive plate of California Fries was placed on our table and it was more than I had hoped for, all the fries, cheese, sour cream, and carna asada steak! mmmmmmm

Scott didn't really know what to think of them at first, but after a few bites he was amazed at the taste.

The California Fries are a close 2nd compared to the original in San Diego; but much better than the ones I had when I traveled for work to San Jose, California.

Just a little over half an hour to Maine, i'll definitely be going back again soon!
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Officially a New Hampshire resident now!

I went to the town hall yesterday and officially "Established Residency" in New Hampshire! Also I changed my car title, got New Hampshire license plates (who would have thought you could get license plates at a town hall?!), and registered to vote.

Now I have to go to the New Hampshire DMV to change my drivers license.